The Happening WaghVille

Elite Infra Estate is a giant name in Real Estate and Infrastructure in Central India, already proved our excellence in providing shelters to the Home seekers. And now entering in the endeavor of GREEN LIVING.

Today man’s ultimate aim in all his efforts is to seek pleasure and peace. Mere wealth can not give the experience of ecstasy. Taking cognizance of the stressful, tired lungs of city dwellers, Elite Infra Estate Pvt. Ltd. has taken a step towards achieving new heights with a unique provision of enjoying nature & wild life with luxury.

Our motto is to cater to the demands of ELITE. You can enjoy the experience of socializing with the like-minded and the equally affluent circle. The region is experiencing rapid development and the changing trend, which demands more and more weekend homes in near future with the concept of “Home Away from Home” i.e. A PERFECT VACATION HOME.